The Vascular Surgeon

My GP decided to send me for an ultrasound scan of my neck to see if there was anything to worry about.  The ultrasound clearly showed there was something there which needed much more investigation.

The ultrasound technician  reported that she thought I have a Schwannoma which are usually benign.  My GP thought it was a little more serious than that and thought the lump was attached to my carotid artery, so he referred me to a Vascular Surgeon.

A few days later I found myself in the rooms of the Vascular Surgeon.

He walked in to the reception area and his opening comments to me were “I just love a challenge”.  This is when I knew it was very serious.

So the Vascular Surgeon did his own Ultrasound scan and picked up 3 lumps on the left hand side of my neck.  He had no idea what they were but there was a list of things that could go wrong with them there – apparently a slow death if it constricted my coritid artery or airways.

I was next scheduled to have a biopsy done a few days later with the untrasound technicain and a lab technician.  The results were inconclusive.

So back to the Vascular Surgeon who scheduled me for surgery a week later.



Incy Wincy Spider

I was bitten by a Violin Spider about 18 months ago on the right hand side of my neck.  No idea how he got there or why he chose that spot – but perhaps it was the universe trying to point something out to me which I failed to notice.violinspider

It was then that I discovered a lump on the left hand side of my neck.  I didn’t think anything of it.  I had no discomfort or pain from it.  It was just there.  I assumed it was a swollen gland caused by the spider bite.  I did some research on spider bites and some sites suggested there may be swelling for a few months.

I did see my GP at the time who provided me with a cream for the bite.  It healed quickly and life went on.

However, the lump was still there.

Almost 18 months later, I returned to my GP with a sore foot.  I am seldom ill so I don’t frequent my GP very often, so whilst I was there I pointed out that I had a lump on my neck which had been there for quite some time.  He pocked and prodded a bit and thought it required some investigation.

So this is the start of my story……..