On Top of the World ….Oh wait

So here I am, 7 terminator sessions in and 2 Chemo sessions.

The first Chemo session went fairly well.  No harsh side effects.  A little nausea. A little tired.  But I was still able to function.  I was eating like a horse – couldnt eat enough.  2 Breakfasts being the norm.

I sat in the Oncologists’s room just before my second session telling her how great I feel.  I was on top of the world.  Is this all it was about I asked.  I was told that the chemo wasnt too bad and it wouldnt get too much worse.  I felt quite upbeat about it all and finally was finding some strength to deal with it all.

Then I had my second session.

Realised at my session that I had lost alomost 3kg’s in the week.  Not that I’m complaning.  Losing weight while eating like a pig – what could be better.

Went out for dinner with some friends that night and realised I couldnt stand for more than 2 minutes without wanting to pass out.  Yes, the Chemo has lowered my blood pressure.  And as I usually have low blood pressure, it was making me feel weak.

Then the following 3 days being what I had dreaded.

  • Rapid weight loss – think I’ve lost just over 4,5kg’s in total (10 days)
  • Low blood pressure
  • Fatigue – I’m tired but don’t want to sleep.  I just can’t get up and do anything
  • Loss of appetite – forcing myself to eat.  I have no desire to eat but am forcing myself as I know I need the energy.
  • Loss of Focus – I can’t focus on anything.  I have a passing interest only in things.
  • Preggy brain – Lost half my vocabulary
  • Nausea – Not too drastic but it is there.  Being taking to anti-nausea pills failthfully but it doesnt make much difference.

All I want to do it lay on the bed.

I don’t want to talk to anyone.  I don’t want to see anyone.

I’m not down, I’m not depressed.  But everything I do requries a HUGE amount of effort.  Will I be spending the next 5 weeks like this?




5 thoughts on “On Top of the World ….Oh wait

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling so low, let’s hope the positives outweigh the negatives and you see some results soon.

    If it’s any help, a friend of mine who was having chemo found that the nausea could be almost eliminated by taking CBD oil. If you can find it online, I’d recommend trying to get hold of some, it’s well known for combating the effects of cancer treatment.


  2. oh Lanthie – it is a long road for you to travel – stay strong – you also have a great supportive partner – keep posting – love – Marilynn


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