And so it begins …..

Saw the Oncologist briefly before my treatment started.  Not much to say really.  Think I’ve satisfied all my questions thanks to Google. 

Now sitting it a very comfy recliner with a drip in my hand.  Bored to death.  My boyfriend sitting besides me but not quite the place you can have a conversation in. 

Wondered why I can’t have my nails done while sitting here.  Seems like a waste of my time just sitting here.   3-4 hours they say.

Have been warned about nausea and tiredness after. Have a cocktail of bags in the tray next to me to be fed into my veins.  Not quite the cocktail I had in mind. 

Bright side is I only have 6 of these treatments left.

Haveng my first radiation treatment after this.  

Sigh!  The things I could be doing …..


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