Darling, Do I have spinach in my teeth?

The last week has seen me asking this question many times.

I keep feeling like I have something stuck inbetween my teeth but food is never the cuprit.  The culprit rather is the many stitches I still have.  They are starting to disolve and  I am more aware of them now that my mouth isnt as swollen anymore.

It is a little strange having stitches in places where no teeth were removed (front 6 upper and lower) but apparently it is all part of how they take your mouth apart to remove teeth.

I had another dental appointment today.  This time with the dental hygienist.  She gave my 12 original teeth a good cleaning and doesnt need to see me again until the end of the second week of my treatment.

They all seem happy with my recovery.

I still have a big bruise on the left side of my face – probably 4cm in size.  Swelling is minimal and discomfort is minimal.  Blew out a lot of blood yesterday from my sinuses.  Assume left over from the procedure 2 weeks ago. I finally have my smile back (and my dimples my beloved loves so much).  I can still feel some pulling if I excercise my mouth.

And finally I can open my mouth wide again.  This has required me being more disciplined when I eat as I am not allowed to use my back teeth at all.  I may only use my front teeth and palatte to eat.  But the reality is that the wider you can open your mouth, the more food you put in.  And it is difficult not using your back teeth when you have a mouth full off food.

Meal slection has not been that bad actualy and I have found foods that I like which need very little chewing:

My current diet consists of:

  • Poitjie (A South African favourite – like a stew) –  I can mush it all up
  • Rice
  • Potato – Mashed
  • Weetabix
  • Yogurt – I just love full fat yogurt with honey
  • Ice-cream
  • Salmon – My boyfriend makes the most amazing salmon with cottage cheese
  • Mild curry – meat shredded and the rest mushed with a fork
  • Custard
  • Omelette
  • Soups
  • Little puddings
  • And my favourite today – I managed to nibble on a soft hot cross bun

So yes, I am recovering well.  A week to go before I start my treatment.



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