Is my mouth compromised?

Feeling a bit better today.  My face is still black and blue.  My throat is sore.  I am very aware of the lump in my throat and can feel it all the time.

My lips are better but still very dry.  Been applying cream faithfully. 

Tired of the jaw ache and related sinus headache all the time.  Not in pain but the ache is constant and wearing on me.

Saw the Butcher yesterday.  He was very pleased with how my mouth was healing.   I was hoping to never see him again.  But he politely told me we would become best friends over the next 3-6 months.  I would be seeking his help with sores and ulcers in my mouth and throat. 

That got me thinking- it’s a week since my mouth surgery.   I can’t remember feeling good.  Will it heal in time for the radiation to just destroy it again?  Is this how I’m going to feel for the next 10 weeks?  NO – I’m going to feel worse I am reminded.  

Been watching a few YouTube videos about throat cancer.  Have started a useful links page and dropped links there.  Will tidy the page up when I have some time.


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