The Vascular Surgeon 2

I had the 3 lumps removed on the left hand side of my neck on the 17th August.

I was booked into hospital for a 3 day stay and was told that I would have to spend at least 1 night in high care due to the location of the lumps.  It was fairly serious.

I came out of theatre without any hiccups.  The operation was easy and I was now lump free.

Gosh I felt good.

I only spent 1 night in high care and went home the following day.  In fact I went straght to work.  I felt good and was in no pain.  Just a very ugly scar down my neck.


On my follow up appointment with the Vascular Surgeon, he informed me that the lumps were linked to my lymph nodes and that the results had come back as Benign.

I had cancer!

The biggest problem was that he had no idea where the main source of the cancer was and I was to be prepared for quite a few tests.

So I was booked for a CAT scan which came up with nothing.

I was then sent to see an ENT Specialist so he could do some investigation.  Apointments were made and I saw him about 2 weeks later.  More to follow


(I now wear a scarf most of the time to hide my scar.  Not for my benefit but others do tend to stare a bit. )



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