Lost my Mojo

Day 2 after my mouth surgery

Am in no pain but feel very uncomfortable still.  Face still very swollen and bruised. BUTCHERS!

Should have gone to work today – but I work in a very dusty environment and am worried about infection, so decided to stay home.  That and the fact that my bed was so comforting this morning.  Couldn’t find the will power to get up.  This is not me.

I did some paperwork.  Half-heartedly.  More shuffling and putting things aside for others to do.  I want to work / have to work.  But can’t find the mojo to actually deal with anything.

Trying to move apartments too – desperatly want to move but again have not got the inclination to actually do anything.  That and the fact that there are things I can’t do myself.  Curtain rails to hang and the like.

This is just temporary.  I know it.  Tomorrow will be better.  Perhaps I need to stop the pain meds.  Never a big fan of them and they are probably whats bringing me down.

Called my daughter-in-law,  shes coming to take me out for awhile.  Perhaps a light lunch – a soup perhaps!



1 thought on “Lost my Mojo

  1. Ah, the wonders of soup.
    We used to have a Sunday “soup kitchen” circle, which involved meeting at various friends’ houses each Sunday lunchtime for a hearty homemade soup, with the added attraction of whatever “herbal” additives the attendees brought with them.

    I’m sure it would have acted as a very fine painkiller, too. ;~}


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