Prosthodintics et al

I am going in to surgery tomorrow to remove 13 of my teeth.  And having them replaced with implants.

Feeling a little anxious.  Primarily because I have just read the little booklet the provided me with which states that I will be left black and blue for a few days around my jaw and face.

Apparently the  radation thereapy I am going for uses in exess of 50-70Gy (whatever that is),  and as a result they recommend having your teeth removed in the field of the radiation and the teeth replaced with implants.

On my first appointment to see the Prosthodontic specialist, they called me into a boardroom and had the x-rays of my teeth on a huge display.  The doc started off telling me all about teeth and their make-up and then proceeded to go through tooth by tooth as to why it needed to come out, the location of it, where my nerves were located, where my sinuses were located etc.

The gist of it all was that I had to remove all of my back teeth on both sides.

I am fortunate enough to have medical cover as this is quite a costly exercise costing in the region of R200,000 (around $15,000).  Cancer is clearly not an illness for the poor.





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